Banana Production


Case study to test the feasibility (technical and economic) of using processed organic fertilizer produced in the Netherlands from (excess) chicken manure, shipping it to Costa Rica and using it in fertilization and disease control in banana production.

Organic fertilizers for disease-resilient banana production

Banana is one of the most important food crops in the world. Simultaneously it is an important source of income for farmers and contributes to local, regional and national economies in banana-producing countries. 

However, banana-producing countries are at risk due to Panama disease and Black Sigatoka, which seriously threaten production, as nearly all commercial banana plants are clones. Organic (as opposed to mineral) fertilizers can contribute to disease control. The aim of the project is to test this hypothesis, both in the interest of banana producers, companies in the banana chain, and of the involved producer of organic fertilizers. And, on the business side, to determine if there is a good business case for the use of Ferm-O-Feed fertilizers by banana producers to contribute to controlling the diseases and improving the overal productivity of banana crops. The consortium that has formed represents many key players in the banana chain: Chiquita, TASTE (Technical Assistance for Sustainable Trade & Environment), Agrofair (FairTrade banana company), the National Banana Corporation of Costa Rica (Corbana), representing all banana producers in Costa Rica, and Ferm-O-Feed (organic fertilizers).