Although Integrated Soil Fertility is on the map for decades, the real implementation at farm level does not take off, with associated conse¬quences of soil nutrient mining and insecure agricultural production. A different approach is therefore needed to monitor and evaluate current land use at farm level. We present here the M&E-tool MonQIt that can provide insights in the various determining processes.

MonQIt is a toolbox for monitoring and evaluating the management and performance of smallholder farms. It offers the systematic collection of field data, data processing software, and cus¬tomized feed-back sessions. MonQIt is designed for, but not limited to, application in developing countries and provides a wealth of information on socio-economic and agro-environmental farm performance. Cooperations, NGO’s and agricultural service organisations in developing countries successfully use MonQIt to increase their efficiency and quality of service. 

MonQIt can be used for a wide range of objectives, including identification of weaknesses in farming practices, monitoring of impacts of interventions, comparison of farming strategies, joint learning, and certification of quality products. MonQIt has proved to motivate farmers to think and work more quantitatively and improve their farm manage¬ment and performance. Therefore, MonQIt can be instrumental for transtions towards sustainable farm systems and entrepreneurship. 

MonQIt offers a five-step procedure, which will takes the user through multiple interactions with stakeholders: 
1 Farm data collection with use of local units and habits, supplied by the farmers 
2 Data entry 
3 Verification and processing of data 
4 Analysis and reporting 
5 Feedback to farmer 

The MonQIt toolbox can be adjusted to specific needs of a project and results can be easily transferred to a geographical information system.