F&BK platform

More and more organisations work on improving global food security. One of the FGI partners is the Food and Business knowledge platform, initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Within this platform, international networks and organizations of business, science, civil society and policy collaborate in the field of food and nutrition security.

The platform invites networks and organizations from local, regional and global levels to participate. Share, improve and generate new knowledge on food systems at a time when the world is facing multiple challenges!

Some good reasons to join:

  • Disseminate relevant research results, good practices and innovative approaches;
  • Create synthesis documents, overview articles, policy papers and other (visual) materials;
  • Organize (international) online or offline dare-to-share dialogues and debates;
  • Jointly develop a focused knowledge agenda and innovation strategies;
  • Establish (international) learning partnerships;
  • Feed policy in the field of food and nutrition security;
  • Organize (international) conferences;
  • Translate research results and learning experiences into practice;
  • Receive assistance in exploring (national and international) research funds.

You can contact the platform at: info[at]knowledge4food.net or visit the website; www.knowledge4food.net.